What is a kundalini syndrome and how to overcome it

The process of the Osho Kundalini syndrome consists of 4 phases, each lasting 15 minutes: shaking, dancing, meditation, resting. The shade body, which is available in two formats and four colors, is made from fiberglass using an innovative process. In addition to the classic methods of glass blowing, Kundalini lights are sometimes also produced using very innovative techniques. There are numerous techniques that are supposed to serve to increase the life force so much that it reaches its dynamic state and can thus be called Kundalini Syndrome.

Yoga can be very healing in this context, it can re-establish contact with the body and thus with one’s own self. I have been a naturopath, yoga teacher and Thai yoga massage instructor since 2007/08. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me. By turning away from the knowledge of cosmic life energy, many people have lost contact with the principles of life energy. In Kundalini Yoga you learn to first cleanse and strengthen the energy system of the astral body (Prana, Nadis, Chakras). People who experience a spiritual awakening as a result of the further opening of the Kundalini strong waves of joy and gratitude that it spreads over the whole body.

Feel free to get in touch if you have a request for a topic (and e.g. In Maharashtra (where I stayed for a long time) but also elsewhere in India one calls food (e.g. the teaching spread here through the Indian Sikh yogi Bhajan, who in came to North America in the 1970s to teach Kundalini Yoga, here you can read about how others have taught Kundalini  classes inFind Munich-Sendling. Because you get warm very quickly with this breathing technique, breathing was named fire breathing. When it was over and I was breathing loudly trying to understand what had just happened to me, I crawled across the floor to my laptop in the kitchen and entered the term „Kundalini“ in Google. Everything was difficult because I was clueless because of the pain and, above all, because of the many phenomena that I have seen over and over again.

Basically, Kundalini means that certain healing channels and chakras have been opened and you have thereby gained access to the energy of the earth. Once the Kundalini flame is kindled in Kundalini 2, all main chakras and energy channels are cleared and opened. For dad-dominated people (consisting of the elements air and space) the dynamic movements are very beneficial, as the practice activates the muscles and opens the energy channels. These channels receive, transform and send out energy, and the root of this energy is connected to our consciousness. What is Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Energy? Going to a yoga class and taking part worried is not so easy for people with experiences of crossing boundaries or great shocks. When practicing Kundalini Yoga, there can also be very sweeping, even powerful and hardly controllable „awakening experiences“, which are often very threatening and fearful (description of a lightworker: „Feeling of going through hell“).

The awakening of Kundalini is associated with a strong feeling of happiness, expansion of consciousness and the development of new skills. It can have effects on the psyche, activate higher consciousness energies, bring people to have deeper spiritual experiences or that the power of love, understanding and longing for God becomes stronger. In this short training, both the development and the effects of traumatization are discussed. Both awakening and ascending in all their facets are perceived very individually, as individual as each person is. It is impossible because one person cannot, on his own, correct the mistake we made in Eden. So these early humanoids did not make this mistake My gift to you wonderful beings: give this time together to a friend / sister / mother and only one of you pays the energetic compensation of 30 euros. Likewise, the aspirant who patiently and for a long time with perseverance and diligence practices intense sadhana, who persists in the spiritual practices despite various obstacles on his way, who admits his faults and weaknesses and tries to correct them with the appropriate means, becomes eliminate, be able to awaken your Kundalini and become a dynamic and perfect yogi.

Unfortunately, there are foolish people who believe that they are already enlightened and choose a certain method out of error, but at the same time forego other important exercises. I myself am completely impartial and at the same time quite excited to see what will happen to me. Because never has the time been so ripe and decisive for researching and initiating a change of this magnitude. Please register for information dates in the event of a last-minute change! But if you are expecting a traditional yoga workout, then it is better to register for a Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga course in the nearest yoga studio. It’s just weird, I really believe that things open up the way it is right for you and if Kundalini is not an issue, then there should be no forced opening, because we as humans don’t really know anything. I thought that I had now thrown all my „demons“ into the bucket, then I felt this crass energy rise in me again and reconnected with bizarre, glaring visions.

Yogi Bhajan said that he helped to hold the energy and stimulated certain acupuncture points. In the Kundalini Yoga units, the teaching of Yogi Bhajan is mostly imparted. Regular practice of Guru Siyag’s Yoga (GSY) leads to a positive transformation of the practitioner and a gradual decrease in their health problems and material difficulties. Through this special yoga practice you will find inner peace, gain clarity and stabilize your health. If there is an imbalance here, this shows up, among other things, in a fickle nature, because he is afraid of conflicts or fears that he will not be recognized. As long as this mysterious snake rests there in the root chakra (Muladhara), the person is still fully aware of his surroundings. These are only the „minor experiences“ of encountering divinity, but there are some that need to be mentioned.

He created his own practice system, which is usually meant today when Kundalini Yoga is mentioned. Because the further such a process of awakening progresses, the more energy the Kundalini demands for the entire system, and not every physical body is prepared for this. In order to avoid the negative effects as much as possible, the following considerations should be taken into account when awakening Kundalini energy: Kundalini energy can be through meditative exercises, yoga, prayers, physical exercises, medication or other personal events with a strong, emotional and traumatic one Part free involuntarily The awakening of Kundalini was also observed during childbirth, menopause and certain asceticism or sexual practices. If the chakras are not cleansed and „permeable“, the Kundalini cannot rise unhindered, and various side effects can occur.