What is the kundalini serpent

Essentially there are probably 14 nadis that can be important in connection with Kundalini Serpent. I also see a connection to Christianity in the fact that an ascending Kundalini awakening in the higher chakras brings about exactly that spiritual love that Jesus taught and exemplified. I now see them as floors in a house, with your root chakra corresponding to the foundation of the house, the sacral chakra corresponding to the basement, the solar plexus chakra corresponding to your first floor, the heart chakra corresponding to the next floor, etc. When I realized that I could not get any further in this way and that my inner strength would gradually decrease, I called myself back to the waking state at lightning speed and turned around in bed almost at the same time (for additional physical activity). Physically, if you look at the vertebrae of the spine, when you take the vertebra out, you see that there is a hole in the middle, and through that hole the spinal cord extends, through the middle of theSpine.

What techniques are there at  Kundalini Serpent? I still use Kundalini Reiki and every time it has helped me when I have needed healing in a relationship / situation. The Kundalini Serpent (series of exercises ) with your individual asanas (postures) are dynamic and meditative at the same time, invigorating and relaxing, healing and invigorating. Through mantras integrated into the exercises and meditations, Kundalini Yoga paves the way to spirituality as a finding of meaning that is experienced and experienced in one’s own body, far removed from esoteric incantations. Some gurus even go so far as to say that Kundalini can only be awakened when the seeker has been practicing yoga for 20 years! The largest yoga center in the USA is, by the way, a Kundalini center: The „Golden Bridge Center“ of the well-known teacher Gurmukh Kaur Kalsa in Los Angeles. He is a KRI certified lead trainer for Kundalini Yoga teacher training levels 1 and 2, as well as an instructor for Sat Nam Rasayan.

A picture of the soul, specially painted for me by my friend who is well known in the media. Kundalini Yoga aims to awaken the soul, the consciousness – your essence. If you are looking for a yoga form that promotes your physicality, touches your heart, nourishes your soul, clears your mind and gives you answers to questions of consciousness, then Christine is very happy to welcome you to her Kundalini yoga classes.

In this way the Kundalini can better find their way through the movements to work directly on blockages without having to „effort“ the mind. To do that we need to understand these energies; what they are, where they are, and how they work. During long periods of seclusion in Kashmir, India, he devoted himself to an intensive sadhana and with this work wants to reveal the great legacy of his teacher so that other people can also benefit from this ancient knowledge. When I teach, I personally don’t wear a turban or white clothes, but in my morning sadhana (spiritual practice before sunrise), at workshops and teacher training, I prefer the more classic variant in my own variation – which means that the white clothes and the turban are natural is not a „must“.

Do you believe that every person will / must experience a Kundalini awakening at some point in the course of their reincarnation cycle? If this chakra is purified, then the person gives up his identity completely in order to fulfill the divine plan and thereby attain enlightenment. In Vedanta, the middle finger is often identified with tamas, whereas in this system it is assigned to the Vishuddha chakra, the chakra of special purity.

The Kundalini healing doctrine refers to a System consisting of 3 main nadis (energy channels) and 7 chakras (energy centers), which are located in our interior. It is about healing the back on a physical and spiritual level. Back pain, depressive moods, sleep problems, stress and even burnout. Even so, there are arguably some styles of yoga that suit you better than others. This is why there is a paradigm shift: we no longer need knowledge, but rather the wisdom to apply knowledge sensibly. With this knowledge, the practitioner will not experience failure for the rest of his life. The nice thing about Kundalini Yoga is that everyone has an experience who is wholeheartedly involved, whether flexible or awkward. But everyone will be able to transcend the self-made boundaries and experience the unity with the divine. You will get a deep theoretical understanding of Kundalini Yoga philosophy, the astral body and spiritual development.