What means kundalini rising and how to achieve it

Since November last year she has been training to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher level 1. For the festival, however, it does not matter whether you are simply interested, are just a beginner or even a professional – anyone who is interested in the event can take part feels. A festival, 5 days of Kundalini Rising, 13 different locations and lots of (spiritual) experiences. You are welcome to submit your own experiences for publication.

Everyone is free to choose which of the presented combinations are selected and practiced. With the help of great discipline and long practice, man becomes the multi-dimensional being that he is naturally designed to be and thus free to live his divine nature. Everything that can be found in the universe can also be found in every single individual, because man is a miniature version of the universe. And after feeling your palms for a while, you can then give your attention to the Ajna Chakra, seat of the 3rd eye, pure spirit element.

Despite its vulnerability, the throat carries the throat chakra, which coordinates all other chakras. Awaken the Kundalini, but that means to bring the sexual energy into higher chakras and forms of expression. Since it is seldom fully used, in the science of yoga it is often represented figuratively as a coiled, sleeping snake and literally means „the curl in the hair of the beloved“. Kundalini Yoga is sung instead of „Om“ and means something like „the real me“. These transformative forces contain not only the potential for serious individual change, but also a pronounced collective emotional well-being in which everyone can participate, a higher degree of happiness and contentment, spiritual clarity and real world peace. Blockages disappeared, my consciousness increased, more energy, strength and clarity set in. When the Kundalini is rising there are many temptations along the way and a sadhaka who is not pure does not have the strength to resist.

The asanas that are performed are less to be understood as a workout than they serve to awaken the Kundalini energy in us. If you involuntarily perform asanas or yoga postures without the slightest pain and effort, know that Kundalini has become active. For beginners, extra lessons are offered in which they can get to know the philosophy behind Kundalini Yoga and familiarize themselves with the exercises and breathing techniques.

Each Kundalini class is dedicated to a specific topic, for example overcoming fear, stimulating digestion, sharpening intuition, opening the heart, etc. For this there are fixed kriyas (exercise sets) noted by Yogi Bhajan, which are tailored to the perfect energetic effect cannot be changed. Kundalini’s diverse, varied lamp collection, which is constantly reinventing itself, is the result of one Cooperation of world-famous designers and architects, but also of young talents who have contributed to the opening of the original language to unconventional forms and a new aesthetic. Consciousness is a superordinate level to which various forms of expression are subordinate. Chakras are subtle centers of life energy.

They are the centers of Chaitanya, consciousness. “Once they are gone, the mice cannot produce any more pigments. Every seminar makes me and my diamonds shine and bloom more. Monika told about a seminar leader who wanted to open the Kundalini of the participants in a mediation at the third seminar within a mental trainer training. The third eye chakra is often referred to as the „third eye“ and is located directly between the eyebrows.

Each chakra has a function that keeps us healthy and fit. The incense mixture Chakra-Incense-Therapy Kundalini is a healing mixture specially developed for chakra therapy to solve subtle blockages of the Kundalini chakra. The previous attunements are strengthened and the throat, solar plexus, hara and root chakra are opened. Conversely, Kundalini energy resonates when certain sounds are generated in the body. With every step that I advanced on my way, because I have old behavior patterns that mine mine Having blocked the flow of energy so far, I felt better again. One component of this is Angamardana, an old yogic process for absolute fitness. If you want to meditate daily, it is of the utmost importance to only do so under the guidance of an experienced meditation teacher who has already gone through the Kundalini rising process himself.

This process happens in degrees, many degrees, 33 degrees in every body. As you exhale, feel the air evacuate your body from the top of your head all the way down into your stomach. I could feel the heat pouring from the place that I knew was the place where Kundalini lives. On the other hand, many people feel a growing desire to look behind things, to bring more awareness into their lives and to realize themselves on many levels, not just materially. This kingdom of God is not somewhere in the hereafter, but right here and only reveals itself to us when we look at everything with children’s eyes again, as if it were the first time.