How to practice kundalini breathing

When you are ready and when you practice intensely, by the grace of God and the Master and the power of your practices and your devotion, Kundalini will awaken and bring you into higher states of consciousness. The Kundalini experience will naturally occur when the time comes. This theory of Kundalini Breathing comes from the tantric teachings. This primal power can be awakened again! It is also possible to pass these initiations on, as you can with Kundalini Reiki, Tachyon or one of the other initiations. Classical Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Breathing pursue one and the same goal: to awaken Kundalini energy, the universal life energy. You can feel your body twitch or twitch slightly, or it can move back and forth on one arm, involuntarily tilting backwards or rocking from side to side. Kundalini energy can also manifest itself more on the physical plane in automatic movements, in the feeling of heat.

Sensation of warmth, spasms of cold, convulsions (involuntary shaking, tremors, sudden nodding movements of the head), chronic and temporary pain in the whole body that is difficult to diagnose, stinging (like a bite) in the big toe and all over the body, numbness of the Hands and feet up to the whole body, fluctuations in the sex drive, sudden noises and outbursts of feeling (laughing, crying), ecstatic bliss, inner images and visions. They are like a railing for the mind to hold onto. In this exercise, the entire back muscles are stretched and strengthened. This cosmic primal energy has brought life to unfold and it continues to work in the continuous evolution of the entire creation. In order to achieve this, all seven chakras must be opened step by step, which in turn are linked to different topics and life energies. So not only knock on spiritual phrases and chant „Peace for the world“ every day, but also live it in everyday life.

For Kundalini awakening, you need an experienced spiritual teacher who has gone through this process themselves – just as all young people need someone who is well versed in relationships and sexuality. That is what the old sages mean by „ego loss“: there is no longer any unambiguity about who we are and, above all, what we need. Indian mythology says that it was the great, feminine force of the universe, Adi Shakti, who breathed the serpent force „Kundalini“ into people. It is the force that drives us to excel, to achieve excellent results, to be unique. It actually meanders up through the spine and knocks out any blockages that stand in its way – with great force. But: You shouldn’t force anything, but check yourself: If I am mature enough, I can bear it when otherworldly, perhaps also very dark beings attack me, because they do not want people to transcend.

According to the teachings of Shaiva Siddhanta, or Tantric Shivaism, a spiritual- philosophical school of India, a spontaneous awakening without previous spiritual practice can happen even when the balance of good and negative karma is in balance. But everything has the purpose of growth and development, which is naturally laid out in nature and should not be assessed positively or negatively, even if it is difficult, because above all it also means pain.

But after six years with the serpentine power, I thought it was time to try out the system in whose tradition I stand anyway. Shakti created this world in six stages. You can find the way there through a sequence of breathing exercises, yoga postures and meditations with mantra chants. You can try to defend yourself against this – but that will not really succeed. Shaking probably plays the biggest role in this meditation, which will be difficult to understand for newbies, because this phase should not get too far in gymnastics. The shaking, which is part of this meditation, is sure to irritate a newcomer, but the fact is, the meditation will help to let energy flow and, in the end, to feel joy. When someone has problems with Kundalini awakening or other problems with Kundalini energy, Kundalini Reiki can often be of great help. Classically, the energy can be felt in the spine, but western experience reports often show a different picture that goes against the traditional awakening image.

And then focus on the lumbar spine, Manipura Chakra – fire element. Between this collection of strands and the brain is the spine, from which all the other connections and channels emerge. Sorry, we cannot find any matches for your search term. Sura A’ala also states that the earliest revelation, which is also mentioned in the books of the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and the Prophet Musa (PBUH), already has the same description Furthermore, the meditator should wear a comfortable outfit and find a place where it is quiet. Here you can read how others find Kundalini  lessons in Munich-Sendling. Meditation can be viewed as a technique to achieve a desired state. Since then she has been practicing this powerful technique and teaching Kundalini Yoga for Trainer Level 1 in Berlin and San Francisco, specializing in the alignments and asana practice. If this chakra is purified, then the person gives up his identity completely in order to fulfill the divine plan and thereby attain enlightenment.